About Neoptix Canada LP

Neoptix designs and manufactures fiber optic temperature sensors for manual and automated measurements for power transformer windings temperature monitoring and for laboratory, industrial, medical applications. These systems are used in many fields of applications, in particular the temperature measurement in high voltage and microwave/RF applications.

Despite a highly competitive business environment, Neoptix thrives as a result of the excellence and cost effectiveness of its products, and the value that we place on relationships with our clients.

Neoptix is focused on providing efficient optical contact temperature measurement solutions that are immune to interferences and are intrinsically safe, at a highly competitive cost.

Neoptix is a sole subsidiary of Qualitrol Company LLC of Fairport, NY, USA.

Our mission is the following :

"Neoptix is a market leader in providing solutions for measuring only temperature, in harsh environments where conventional technologies are inefficient. Our main goal is the commercialization of solutions that have been acquired or licensed, in full or in part, or that are from our own engineering activities".

Neoptix priority is to build long term and mutually profitable relationship with its customers. Moreover, we are committed to offer an irreproachable technical and customer support. An example of this commitment is our "48 Hours Turn-around Policy", which is an undertaking that an equipment under warranty that is returned to Neoptix for servicing, will be returned within 2 business days, whatever the reason, even if the product has been accidentally damaged.

Our products are sold internationally through direct sales or through our extensive network of distributors and representatives.

We are accepting usual international methods of payments such as check, Wire Transfert, Bank Draft or Letter of Credit. We are also accepting payments made by VISA and MasterCard credits cards.


Existing products offered by Neoptix include a complete range of contact fiber optic thermometers for temperature measurement. You can find Neoptix’s instruments in Microwave/RF/High Voltage and Transformer applications. They are used in educational, industrial, and lab environments:

Energy - Oil filled and Dry-type transformers
Energy - Surface temperature monitoring of various parts including cables and bus bars
Energy - Generators monitoring, rotating machinery
Bonding, curing, and drying of various components and substances
Biomedical applications
Organic chemistry
RFI/EMI-polluted environments
Biological processes
Electronic industries
Chemical industries
Food industries (packaging, pasteurization, etc.)