48-Hours Return Policy

At Neoptix, we acknowledge how important your equipment is for the continuation of your work and research. Even if we are continuously working towards a perfect product, a defect or any other problem may still arise. If it happens, first contact our Customer Support and they will help you solving the problem. At this point, if your equipment needs to be serviced at our factory, the Customer Support representative will give you an RMA number and return instructions. Once we have received your system we guarantee that it will be ready for shipping within two business days.

Neoptix is committed not only to top-quality service but fast turn-around time on in and out of warranty products.

This policy applies on all standard products manufactured by Neoptix and that are covered by our standard warranty. Most out of warranty repairs can be handled within that period but unfortunately the 48-Hour Guarantee cannot apply. The two-business day period starts from the moment we receive your equipment at our location, excluding time spent at distributor’s location or during transit.