Technical Support

"Delivering Excellence in Customer Support"

Just as our systems are built to last, so is our commitment to provide you with a quality service experience by meeting and exceeding your expectations.  Behind this commitment stands a strong, reliable company with the expertise and resources to help you succeed, now and into the future.

Neoptix’s service team has some of the most knowledgeable and technically proficient professionals in the industry, ensuring expert support is available when you need it. Our customer support engineers, specifically in the energy sector are dedicated and have a lot to offer :

Customer Support is an integral part of every product we sell. We are committed to providing the highest levels of reliability and trust in the products and solutions we deliver. Neoptix realizes that efficient and responsive support for our fiber optic systems is critical to our customers’ ongoing business operations. Our support commitment is based on sharing information, responding quickly to changing needs and working through problems and solutions together with our customers.

Customer Support is an integral part of every product we sell. We are committed to providing the highest levels of reliability and trust in the products and solutions we deliver. Neoptix's reputation is based largely on the lasting relationships we have built with our customers throughout the years.

Our Customer Support offers timely and cost-effective response to your support needs, including the following, during the warranty period and after:

We strive to be recognized as a trusted supplier to our partners and customers worldwide. Our commitment is to deliver world-class support for all customers. All support is provided from our headquarters in Quebec City, Canada - this ensures consistent service and helps keep our support staff in tune with our products and our customers' needs

Product shipping

A quick note about shipping: Products are shipped FCA-Factory (Incoterms 2010). We use FedEx by default because if their excellent service and our advantageous negociated costs. The shipping charges can either be added to your invoice or could be charged to your own account. We also work closely with DHL, BAX, UPS (if we are forced!) and most Canadian brokers. We try to make shipping we charge you match what carriers charge us. We do not consider shipping a "profit center" or assess "handling fees."


2-day Training Course on Transformer Hot Spots Monitoring

This course combines tutorials, demonstrations and lectures where participants are urged to interact with the instructor on direct transformer hot spots monitoring using fiber optic temperature sensors. Fundamentals are stressed to encourage better and successful application of optical sensors and Neoptix's products into your specific transformer manufacturing process. Participants are introduced to the essentials of probe installation and system operation, and an understanding of optimum problem solving approaches.

The training focuses on helping the transformer designer and sensor installator about the full range of options available in our products. In addition, presentations will reveal common pitfalls and describe approaches for analyzing, isolating and correcting mistakes.

---> There is no cost for the training apart from the travel expenses for the training engineer.


"We pride ourselves on being able to assist you when your needs are most crucial, and as a result, allowing you more freedom to focus on your core business. Our dedicated support staff, backed by a team of experts, is there to help you get the most of our products and to deliver on our promise to optimize your time and increase your efficiency."