Medical applications

Neoptix has developed a large expertise in measurement of temperature for various laboratory, semi industrial and OEM applications.  Fiber optic temperature sensors are used in various sectors where immunity to electromagnetic interferences and intrinsic safety are required. Examples of applications are :

Medical : These applications include monitoring of body temperature during RF hyperthermia treatments and measurement of patient surface temperature during MRI, fMRI or other specialized electro-surgical procedures. These sensors are also commonly used for NMR/MRI systems in research and development.

Moreover, these probes are well adapted for temperature sensing in animal testing procedures or during sterilization with RF and UV.

Neoptix products are specifically designed for medical application with accuracy and long term stability in mind. Our standard T1 temperature probes are tough and ruggedized to help you achieving a safe and successful project.

Moreover, probes do not require complex gage factor or calibration to enter into the signal conditioner: connect the probes to signal conditioner and voilà! ; no more steps before reading stable and accurate temperatures!

Neoptix offers four signal conditioners specifically designed for medical application specifications:

The most popular probes are:


Probes can be connected out of NMR room using fiber optic extension cable: