Fluorescence Technology: T/Guard-Link-FL System


  • Small and sturdy enclosure
  • Compatible with existing fluorescence sensors
  • RS-485 Serial and MODBUS communication
  • 4-20mA current outputs
  • Accuracy of ±2 °C
  • Available with 1 to 8 channels
  • Up to 256 channels (with the Modbus protocol)
  • Detachable connector blocks for easy installation

A small form factor and cost oriented fiber optic hot spot monitoring system for fluorescence decay probe technologies.

For a product brochure of the T/Guard-Link-FL Signal Conditioner, please contact Neoptix

The Neoptix™ T/Guard-Link-FL™ is a cost-oriented multi-channel fiber optic temperature monitoring system for dry-type or oil-filled power transformer hot spot measurements. At last, the Neoptix software and electronic hardware technologies are available for transformers fitted with fluorescence decay technology sensors. This T/Guard-Link has a small footprint and has been developed with long-term performance and stability in mind. This fiber-optic temperature monitoring system for small and medium size power transformers is accurate, rugged and designed for the long-term life of the transformer.

This fiber optic solution provides a realistic, real-time view of winding conditions that is quicker and more accurate than top oil thermocouple measurements, and greatly complements indirect measurements based on thermal models.

This Neoptix T/Guard-Link gives the exact temperature of optical probes in one second. Peak load or emergency overloads are thus be detected almost instantaneously. With the Neoptix technology, you have a new tool to optimize high-voltage transformer performance and life expectancy.

The T/Guard-Link-FL system is specifically designed to meet power transformer industry requirements: extended intervals between servicing, low maintenance, rugged components and the ability to withstand the harshest conditions. All components have been specifically selected for long term performance.

This T/Guard system is easy to interface to an existing marshaling or substation system via its isolated 4-20 mA analog outputs or its serial port that offers both a MODBUS RTU communication and an ASCII command mode. The serial port is an optically isolated RS-485 communication port.

In ASCII mode, the T/Guard-Link-FL can be interfaced with Neoptix OptiLink-II software, allowing complete control over the system for setup and configuration. The software also provides a data logging option to record temperature points directly into Microsoft™ Excel™ files.

When coupled to a Qualitrol 509 or 507 system (or equivalent OEM system), the T/Guard-Link-FL is the perfect system for power transformers, as an embedded system or for the cost-conscious user. It is available with 1 to 8 optical channels (up to 16 channels with the Qualitrol 509 or 507). Moreover, the mounting brackets are integrated directly onto the T/Guard-Link enclosure, providing a quick and robust installation in a transformer control cabinet.

Its complete software interchangeability with the Neoptix T/Guard-Link system adds even more value to this system, especially when interfaced to an OEM system.



T/Guard-Link side view





Specific accessories specifically designed to complement and enhanced your T/Guard-Link-FL System:

DIN Rail mountable power supply (Part: TGD-DPS)
DIN rail mountable 24 VDC universal (100-240VAC @ 47-63 Hz or 120~370 VDC), 0.6A, power supply for your T/Guard Signal Conditioner.

OptiLink-II Software for Windows